EU building heritage observatory

EU building heritage observatory
EU building heritage observatory

EU Building Stock Observatory a rich source on building sustainability

The construction sector is the largest consumer of energy in the EU and the 75% of EU buildings are not energy efficient. An improved and renovated building stock therefore has the maximum potential to achieve the EU's energy and climate goals of transition towards a smarter and decarbonised energy system.

L’EU building heritage observatory (BSO), started in 2016 and strengthened in March 2020, plays a key role in monitoring and improving the overall energy performance of buildings in the EU through reliable data, consistent and easy to compare.

The BSO includes some tools which help keep track of a wide range of energy aspects of buildings:

  • Database BSO: more than 250 indicators are entered into the database, which can be viewed on a map or in an information sheet on areas such as energy consumption, building elements and technical building systems installed, energy performance certificates, nearly zero energy buildings, renewal rates, energy poverty e financial aspects.
  • Data folders BSO: uses maps and graphs to present indicators and allow comparison of information and data between European countries. All data and graphs can be easily downloaded.
  • Information cards: have the most important characteristics, including indicators and recommendations, relating to the implementation of European legislation on the building heritage. They present statistics, analysis and political-regulatory context also with “country cards”.

Covering a full range of energy functions, the BSO is useful for different users, as policy makers, investors, national authorities, researchers and citizens.

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