Green HoMe organizes and promotes training activities with innovative content related to supply chains and technologies for sustainable construction.

Activities are organized in collaboration with the network of companies and laboratories associated with the Innovation Pole and are open to all interested parties.

The member companies of the Pole benefit from special conditions of participation.


  • Entrepreneurs, managers and technicians, companies of Polo, with special conditions of participation for members;
  • Entrepreneurs, managers and technicians, companies outside the Polo, at market;
  • Research staff (researchers and teachers, PhD students, docs) Universities and research centers;
  • Professionals (engineers, architects) operating in the building sector, in keeping with the professional associations;
  • Other stakeholders (startupper and entrepreneurs, providers of technology transfer).

training courses

The program includes the following types of training:

  • technical Seminars, lasting 2-8 ore, introductory or intended to present themes and specific results;
  • short vocational courses lasting 8 – 20 ore, to acquire specific technical knowledge, cheap, organizational;
  • Schools and Specialization Courses, lasting more than 40 ore, for the formation of specialized figures.


Thanks to the support of the University of Calabria, Polo Green HoMe uses the Adobe Connect platform to create webinars and online meetings.

The platform is accessible at the address

Depending on the type of event, you can access as guests (indicating for good practice name, surname and / or company as an identifier) eat it registered users (indicating an enabled email or username / password assigned).

Note per l'use:

  • on first use, installation of the plug-in may be required Adobe Connect and enabling Flash Player;
  • on subsequent connections, a window with Adobe Connect is requested to open, which will allow you to follow and actively participate in the online event.
  • for more detailed information, one is available short guide to accessing Adobe Connect


Unless otherwise stated, training activities are held at the headquarters of Rende (CS) del Polo Green HoMe, c/o Unical – DIAm, Via Pietro Bucci, Hub 8 / 9C 87036 Rende CS.
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Organizing Secretariat

For information on training activities and memberships, to contact:
Ing. Marida Bevacqua, Ing. Capano Guild, Tel: +39 0984 49 6566 / 2375 – Mail: