Production chain 5 – Diffusion of smart building and building automation solutions for living comfort, sustainability, energy saving and structural safety

Why enhance Smart technologies?

Smart Building it is the strategic market for innovation in terms of relaunching the construction industry, for the well-being and living comfort, the security, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability e, so, competitiveness for companies.

Considering the intrinsic problems of the regional territory, that is the high seismic risk from a structural point of view, high primary energy requirements, especially for cooling, linked to the typically Mediterranean climate, the high hydrogeological risk due to the presence of landslides and floods and even more generally the severe structural and plant engineering age of the existing building heritage, it is preponderant spread the concept of integrated design and the use of smart technologies for real-time monitoring of the structures.

A building is no longer a building, but rather a network of information that could be better used to achieve greater performance efficiency.

Advantages deriving from the use of Smart technologies
  • Intelligent integrated management of the building-plant system;
  • Safeguarding of the architectural and cultural heritage;
  • Improvement of environmental sustainability;
  • Increase in energy savings and optimization of water resources;
  • Increase in the level of in-home safety and human health;
  • Increased structural safety
Goals of the Green HoMe Polo

Transpose, to interpret, enhance the technological needs of companies, with the aim of promoting the sharing of knowledge and the convergence of investments on new development trajectories of innovative products or services and making available specialized services with high added value aimed at promoting and facilitating the appropriation of the value of innovation by businesses.

Supply Chain and Scientific Referents
Supply Chain Referent

  • Prof. Patrizia PIRO - Department of Civil Engineering, (DINCI) University of Calabria

  • Scientific Referents

  • Prof. ARCURI Christmas - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management (DIMEG), University of Calabria
  • Prof. Raffaele ZINNO - Department of Environmental and Land Engineering and Chemical Engineering (DIATIC), University of Calabria
  • Prof. Mario MAIOLO - Department of Environmental and Land Engineering and Chemical Engineering (DIATIC), University of Calabria
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