Rules of operation and methods of membership

The procedures for joining and participating in the activities of the Green HoMe Polo follow the indications of Regulation below.

In particular, for l’adhesion it is necessary to respect what is indicated in the articles 3 e 5, sending this Membership Form (DOCX versionVersion of RTF) and the documentation attached to

Definitions and main references
  • Innovation poles: The rules (UE) n. 651/2014 of the 17 June 2014 of the Commission governing state aid defines the Innovation Poles as “structures or organized groupings of independent parties (quali start-up innovative, small, medium and large enterprises, research and knowledge dissemination organizations, non-profit organizations and other relevant economic operators) aimed at encouraging innovative activities through promotion, sharing structures and exchanging knowledge and skills and contributing effectively to the transfer of knowledge, to the creation of networks, the dissemination of information and collaboration between companies and other bodies that make up the pole ".
  • Access to the Innovation Poles: He Reg (UE) n. 651/2014 to the article 27 Aid to the Innovation Poles, establishes that "Access to premises, facilities and activities of the cluster is open to more users and granted in a transparent and non-discriminatory way. (…) The fees paid for the use of the facilities and for participation in the activities of the hub correspond to the market price or reflect the related costs ".
  • Public Notice of Innovation Poles: Public Notice of the POR Calabria 2014-2020 Action 1.1.4 for the financing of projects to “support the activities of animation of the clusters, tutoring and accompaniment of companies adhering to innovation poles " (DDG n. 13984 of the 12/12/2017) which has selected the Managers of the Poles and approved the related projects (DDG n. 10307 of the 21/09/2018)
  • Managing Body of the Innovation Hub for Sustainable Construction: The 18 December 2019 Green HoMe scarl was established, company selected by the Calabria Region following the Poli Public Notice as managing body of the Innovation Hub for Sustainable Construction in Calabria.
    Green HoMe scarl is a non-profit consortium company whose object is the performance of scientific and technological research activities, dissemination and exploitation of scientific resources and research results, technology transfer, integration of research infrastructures and provision of innovative services, to encourage the collaboration of businesses and raise the propensity and innovative character of the production system.
  • Polo project: Project presented by the promoters of Green HoMe scarl in response to the Poli Public Notice and approved by the Calabria Region. The project defines objectives, activities and expected results and was launched on 28 December 2018 with an expected duration of 3 years.
  • Act of Accession and Obligation: Formal commitment signed by Green HoMe scarl towards the Calabria Region on 25 April 2019 which regulates the relations between Green HoMe and the Region for the realization of the Polo Project.
  • Guidelines for the management and reporting of projects: Guidelines and forms governing the implementation, reporting, the preliminary and technical-administrative verification activities for the disbursement of contributions, for projects funded following the Innovation Poles public notice.
Item 1 - Purpose of the Regulation

This regulation establishes the modalities of access to services and laboratories and of involvement in the activities of the Innovation Hub of companies and more generally of the operators of the innovation system., in a transparent and non-discriminatory way.

The regulation also defines the procedures for joining and participating in the activities of the Polo by public and private operators who support its activities as "aggregate subjects".

Item 2 - Aggregate subjects

The Innovation Hubs Public Notice required aggregation to the Hub of at least 50 businesses, by aggregation we mean the manifestation of the interest of the companies in the planned activity of the Managing Entity, verifiable by a specific declaration (Annex D of the application form).

The Statute of Green HoMe scarl, manager of the Innovation Pole, recognizes (item 7 Admission of new members, comma 8) the function of a subject aggregated to the company for public and private operators who support its activity, without this giving the right to shareholdings.

The aggregated subjects:

  • They support the activities of the Innovation Hub with a minimum annual fee set by this regulation, the payment of which must in any case be regularized before any formal relational and / or commercial relationship between the aggregate Member and GREEN HOME scarl;
  • They access the services and laboratories of the Innovation Pole at the cost price only;
  • They make available to the Polo skills and technological equipment of an innovative nature for the sector or for the territory in order to broaden the range of services of the same;
  • They participate in the activities of the Polo Project, within the limits set by the Public Notice and the Guidelines and in accordance with the procedures set out in this regulation;
  • They contribute to building the regional strategic agenda of R&S in the Sustainable Building innovation area, taking into account the guidelines of the Calabria Region and using as a priority the circuits of the Innovation Pole to participate in complex R programs&S national and international;
  • They contribute to defining the Work Plan of the Innovation Hub by participating in the Assembly of the Hub and the Working Groups in accordance with the procedures set out in this regulation.

The Managing Authority undertakes to organize the activities related to the Polo Project, to guarantee its co-financing, to manage relations with the lender and to prepare reporting in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and the Guidelines, without further charges for the aggregated subjects beyond what is possibly provided for by these Regulations.

Item 3 - How to join the aggregate subjects

The Statute of Green HoMe scarl, establishes (item 7 Admission of new members, comma 8) that the adhesion of the "aggregate subjects" must take place with procedures similar to the admission of new shareholders to the Company.

Interested parties must therefore submit the following documentation in original or via certified e-mail:

  • Application for membership as an Aggregate Entity in the Innovation Pole, addressed to the Board of Directors of the Managing Entity, signed by the legal representative and containing:
    • Declaration of acceptance of the article 7 of the Articles of Association and these Operating Regulations;
    • Commitment to comply with the same reporting methods applied by the Managing Entity for expenses incurred for any activities carried out within the Polo Project or other projects.
  • Certificate of registration in the Business Register (only for companies) also made through the Substitutive Declaration of Notary Deed of the legal representative.
  • Information sheet on the company / entity with personal data sheet, description of the company / entity, experiences of R&S e innovation and motivation of the request, indicating the resources and services to be made available to the Polo and the resources and services of the Polo of interest to the company, with release for the content of the information sections that will be presented on the website and / or in the information material of the Polo.

The adhesion procedure of the aggregated subjects and the related forms (Green HoMe membership form)are available on the Polo website.

The Polo staff verifies the formal correctness of the membership applications and transmits them to the Board of Directors for the first useful session. Final membership is approved by the Shareholders' Meeting by a majority of two thirds of the members having regard to the proposal of the Board.

This procedure does not apply to subjects who have expressed their interest in the preparation phase of the proposal for the Green HoMe Innovation Hub..

The aggregated subjects regularize their position with the payment of the fee provided for in this regulation for access to the services of the Polo (Item 5).

Periodically or upon explicit request, the Managing Authority sends the list of companies associated with the Polo to the Calabria Region.

Item 4 - Assembly and working groups of the Polo

ThePole Assembly in which all the aggregated companies participate, with voting rights only for companies in compliance with the conditions of participation.

The Managing Authority proposes a Work plan annual report indicating the objectives and operational results to be achieved, the services to be developed and the issues for which it is advisable to start Working Groups with the aggregated subjects. The aggregated companies can express contributions and proposals for integration and modification.

The Plan can be progressively updated during the year with further indications of the aggregated companies, in particular to develop training services, promotion and design assistance as well as for the activation of innovation "mini-projects" within the Polo.

I Working groups they have propositional functions relating to the planning and organization of the Polo services.

From an operational point of view, the Working Groups are activated by the Managing Authority on a specific topic, identify a contact person and are open to all interested parties. The staff of the Managing Authority guarantees organizational support. The start-up and composition of the working groups are communicated to all the aggregated subjects.

Based on the Polo Project, the activation of Working Groups is envisaged in the five identified supply chains. Additional working groups can also be activated upon the proposal of the aggregated subjects.

Item 5 - Access to the services of the Polo

Access to the laboratories and services of the Polo (technological, transversal, of supply chain) it is regulated for all companies in the manner indicated on the website at a cost that reflects market conditions.

The aggregated companies, who support the activities of the Polo with an annual membership fee, they access the laboratories and services with a contribution that covers the actual cost borne by the Polo.

The annual membership fee for the aggregated subjects it is differentiated by type and company size as indicated in the following table.

Typology Definition Annual fee(*)
Micro-enterprises Less than 10 employees, turnover or annual balance sheet total up to 2 million euros 125,00€
Small professionals Professionals on a flat-rate basis / minimum 125,00€
Research spin-off
Startup e PMI innovative
Companies promoted by university and EPR researchers and recognized as spin-offs based on specific resolutions / regulations
Companies registered in the special section for startups and innovative SMEs of the Business Register
Associations 125,00€
Small business At least 10 It is less than 50 employees, turnover or annual balance sheet total up to 10 million euros 250,00€
Medium-sized enterprises Less than 250 employees, annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euros, or total annual balance sheet not exceeding 43 million euros 250,00€
Big business More than 250 employees or annual turnover exceeding 50 million euros and budget over 43 million euros 500,00€
Other subjects Public entities, Foundations, other 250,00€

(*) Net of VAT where due

The membership fee allows you to log in: to basic services free of charge (newsletter, seminars and informative insights, networking, guidance for access to sources of funding); to specialist services (training courses, experimentation activities, collective participation in fairs and events, ecc.) with subsidized participation fees; to the co-design of the Polo Strategic Research Agenda, also in relation to the regional incentives provided.

The balance of the membership fee is in any case due before the formalization of any relationship and / or commercial relationship between the aggregate Member and GREEN HOME scarl.

Item 6 - Exclusion of subjects aggregated to the Polo

Companies / entities that do not meet the eligibility requirements set out in the article are excluded or expire from the condition of aggregate subject 2.2 of the Innovation Poles Public Notice and in particular that:

  • They are in one of the difficult conditions as they are defined in Art. 2, point 18 lett. da a) to and) del Reg. 651/2014;
  • I am not in compliance with the anti-mafia legislation, and therefore the existence of causes of expiration, of suspension or prohibition provided for by art. 67 of the D. Lgs. 159/2011 or an attempted mafia infiltration pursuant to art. 84, comma 4, of the same decree;
  • They are responsible for serious professional offenses, such as to make its integrity or reliability doubtful;
  • They have submitted untruthful documentation or statements;
  • They have been sentenced with a final sentence or a criminal decree which has become irrevocable or a sentence applying the sentence upon request pursuant to article 444 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, also referred to one of its subcontractors in the cases referred to in the article 105, comma 6, for one of the offenses indicated in point l) of the paragraph 1 of the article 2.2. Admissibility Requirements of the Poli Public Notice;
  • They are registered in the computer record of ANAC for having submitted false declarations or false documentation in tender procedures or in subcontracting assignments;
  • They do not comply with the obligations of collective bargaining agreements and comply with the relevant legislation: prevention of accidents in the workplace and occupational diseases; health and safety in the workplace; insertion of the disabled; equal opportunities; contrast of irregular work and daily and weekly rest; environmental Protection;
  • They committed serious violations, definitively ascertained, relating to the payment of taxes or social security contributions in favor of workers; were recipients, in the 3 years prior to the date of publication of the Notice, of administrative proceedings connected to revocation for violation of the prohibition of diversion of assets, maintenance of the production unit located in Calabria, for ascertained gross negligence in carrying out the investment and / or failure to achieve the objectives set by the initiative, due to lack of essential requirements, due to irregularities in the documentation produced, however attributable to the beneficiary, and not remediable, as well as in the case of undue perception, ascertained with a judicial measure, e, in the case of repayable aid, for failure to comply with the repayment plan.

The aggregated subjects can withdraw from joining the Innovation Pole by sending an original communication or via certified e-mail, signed by the legal representative, addressed to the Board of Directors of the Managing Entity.

The party who withdraws or is excluded from the Polo, is in any case required to pay the fees due to the Managing Entity up to the amount for the year in progress at the time of the actual withdrawal / exclusion.

Item 7 - Approval and amendment of the regulation

The Regulations are approved by the Board of Directors and sent to the Calabria Region for appropriate information.

After approval, the Operating Regulations are made available on the website of the Managing Authority.

In preparation of the Regulations or any significant amendments thereto, the Managing Entity illustrates its contents and motivations to the aggregated subjects, guaranteeing adequate time to formulate comments and suggestions.