Production chain 1 – Production of panels and building materials with hemp

Why Hemp?

In Italy the production of hemp is constantly increasing: almost all of the crops (92,7%) it started in the past five years and more than half in the past two (il 29,3% in the 2014 and the 24,4% in the 2015).

This is linked to the undeniable advantages associated with this component, highly sustainable and performing.

Environmental Properties
  • Eco friendly;
  • Biocompatible;
  • Recyclable;
  • Renewable;
  • Compostable.
Physical-chemical-thermal characteristics
  • light;
  • breathable;
  • resistant to mold and insects;
  • fire resistant;
  • high insulating power
Goals of the Green HoMe Polo

Support local farms to encourage and improve hemp cultivation techniques in the Mediterranean climate context, so as to ensure constant and sufficient production for the industrialization of its final products;
the material characterization activities, from the energy-performance point of view, structural and environmental compatibility, to facilitate its launch on the market.

Supply Chain and Scientific Referents
Supply Chain Referent

  • Prof. Joseph CHIDICHIMO - Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies (CTC) University of Calabria

  • Scientific Referents

  • Prof. Mario MAIOLO - Department of Environmental and Land Engineering and Chemical Engineering (DIATIC), University of Calabria
  • Prof. Christmas Arcuri - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management (DIMEG), University of Calabria
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