FORUM “Listen to the sea”. I Edition. 16-17 November 2023, University of Calabria

FORUM “Listen to the sea”. I Edition. 16-17 November 2023, University of Calabria
FORUM “Listen to the sea”. I Edition. 16-17 November 2023, University of Calabria

16-17 November 2023, ore 09:00, Hall "U. Caldora”, University of Calabria, Arcavacata of Rende (CS)

The recent establishment of Ministry for Maritime Policies and the Interministerial Committee for Coordination of Maritime Policies (with a shoe), he clearly outlined, as one of the strategic objectives of our country, the development of the maritime economy in its many areas. The with a shoe, established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with Legislative Decree no. 175 of November 11th 2022, ensures, without prejudice to the competences of individual administrations, il coordination and definition of the strategic directions of sea policies and approves the Sea plan, on a three-yearly basis, containing multiple strategic directions.

In this first forum “Listen to the sea” will be explored in depth, with particular reference to the Calabria Region, the protection and valorization of the sea resource from an ecological point of view, environmental, logistical and economical.

The Calabria Region has its borders drawn almost entirely by the sea.

AND, so, as evident as the sustainable development policies of the Calabrian territory, recognizing the centrality of the sea economy, they must be able to guarantee interoperability between all public and private institutions in the Region to enhance their ability to operate in synergy, optimizing resources and sharing projects, interdisciplinary ideas and skills.

In support of these policies, the University of Calabria has activated a new three-year degree course in "Sea and Navigation Technologies" to train the skills necessary for the development of the Maritime Economy, especially in Calabria.

The Forum aims precisely to systematize all users in various capacities connected with the sea and its economy (environment, energy, innovation and research, nautical, tourist and commercial ports, fishing, training, turismo, culture and education) to make Calabria a protagonist in Italy and the Mediterranean through a common strategy.

To reach this target, the main representatives of national and regional institutions will be involved, civil and military, the Associations, the economic and social partnership, businesses, the universities, research and innovation centres, training institutes and the main operators of the Maritime Economy.

Green Home, as a Regional Innovation Hub for Sustainable Construction, with consolidated experience in the field of training, organization and management of events, takes the opportunity of the Forum to deploy the technical and scientific skills gained in the field Production chain 3 – Recovery of building waste from demolition and renovation.

The event program is available below link.

Participation in the event guarantees the recognition of Professional Training Credits (CFP) for writings to the following professional associations of the Province of Cosenza, for each day of actual participation:

  • Order of Engineers: 3 CFP
  • Order of Architects and Planners, Landscape architects and conservators: 8 CFP
  • Order of Industrial Experts and Graduated Industrial Experts: 4 CFP
  • Lawyers' order: in the process of accreditation