Vouchers for specialist services to associated companies

Vouchers for specialist services to associated companies
Vouchers for specialist services to associated companies

Expression of Interest for the request for Vouchers aimed at the provision of specialized services at a subsidized cost.

The program of voucher of the Polo Green HoMe allows member companies to acquire personalized services at favorable conditions relating to study performance, research and consultancy carried out by researchers and technicians belonging to the Polo laboratories and by staff and resources of Green HoMe s.c.ar.l.

The mechanism is flexible and quick. The Polo staff is available to provide the information and assistance necessary to build a package of services starting from the specific innovation needs of the company, making the best use of internal resources (personal, laboratories, ecc.) and external (specialized suppliers, other research centres, ecc.), at highly competitive conditions compared to market standards.

Some examples of vouchers concern activities of environmental product certification, activity of prototyping and testing, feasibility studies, but it is possible to structure ad hoc proposals.

For more information, refer to information sheet already published.



The voucher system provides the possibility for each company adhering to the Polo Green HoMe, up to date with the registration, to request one or more specialist services by submitting an expression of interest, which can be formalized by completing a request form to be sent by certified e-mail to the address greenhomescarl@pec.it.

Based on what is indicated in the form, the applicant will be contacted by the Polo staff for an introductory interview aimed at the economic quantification of the service, according to the specific needs of the client.

The Polo staff will proceed to evaluate the requests and define the content of the services, by subscribing to a specific one work plan with the beneficiary.



Expressions of interest can be sent until the 31 march 2023.

For more information, you can contact the Polo staff: info@greenhomescarl.it.