SuperScienceMe: European Research and Researchers' Night 30 September 2022

SuperScienceMe: European Research and Researchers' Night 30 September 2022
SuperScienceMe: European Research and Researchers' Night 30 September 2022

Green Home a SuperScienceMe 2022 at the University of Calabria: presentation of the activities of R&S in progress

Friday 30 September 2022 took place, again in attendance, the renowned European Research and Researchers' Night – SuperScienceMe2o22.

At the event, organized at the University of Calabria, as part of the spaces reserved for the Calabria Region, Green Home scarl took the opportunity to show the scientific and industrial research activities currently underway, dealing with the varied public (teachers, researchers, students, technicians, …) in order to disseminate the good practice which characterize the Mission del Polo and taking advantage of the opportunity to network and develop design and business ideas.

Among the main results presented on this occasion stand out, no doubt, the projects SILAB2 e SILAB3 (with funds from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) aimed at developing a Innovative System of Advanced Local Enhancement of Woods and Villages (SILAB2) e bioeconomy (SIALB3). These projects are part of the research activities of the Production chain on the enhancement of Calabrian wood and the considerable scope is demonstrated by the project partnership which includes Green Home scarl, Napoli Novantanove Foundation and IWT srl (SILAB2) and CNR, course, Camigliati srl, Green Home scarl, Naples Ninety-nine Foundation, IWT srl (SILAB3)

This occasion also allowed the publication of important project activities in progress, including the projects relating to Regional Ingenuity Calls, among which:

  • TOP FREE – “Short Chain” Roofs and Hanging Gardens for the Redevelopment of Existing Buildings (scientific director Prof. Patrizia Piro) in partnership with D&P srl, the Department of Civil Engineering of”University of Calabria (DINCI) and the Laboratory of Hydraulics and Hydrology Ubana LI2U.
  • EcoCalMix – Eco-sustainable preparations based on Calabrian clays for tanning applications (scientific manager prof. Mauro La Russa) in partnership with Alpa spa and the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences dell”University of Calabria (DIBEST)

e Living Lab, among which

  • ECORETI – SYSTEMS FOR THE CONTROL OF WATER NETWORKS (scientific manager prof. Mario Maiolo) in partnership with Ecotec srl and the Department of Environmental Engineering of”University of Calabria (DIAm)