Training course SEWERS AND URBAN LEAKS: Edition 2022

Training course SEWERS AND URBAN LEAKS: Edition 2022
Training course SEWERS AND URBAN LEAKS: Edition 2022

Registration for the SEWERAGE AND URBAN LEAKS training course is open Edition 2022

After the great success of the previous editions, this year the training course in streaming SEWERS AND URBAN LEAKS, reaches its third edition.

The event, organized by FAST Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations, in collaboration with the CSDU Urban Hydraulics Study Center, provide for the direct involvement of Green Home within the organizing committee with the role of managing the secretariat.

The course SEWERS AND URBAN LEAKS is aimed at civil engineers, environmental engineers, construction engineers-architects, architects and other related technicians, who work in the field of Integrated Water Service as officials of public or private entities or as freelancers or as entrepreneurs of companies in the sector.

The course is divided into two modules:
Modulo 1 - Design Solutions and Innovative Technologies (12-13-19-20-26-27 October 2022)
Modulo 2 - Risk, Resilience, Measurements and Monitoring (22-23-29-30 November 2022)

The course guarantees the recognition of Professional Training Credits (CFP) for engineers, in detail: Modulo 1: 18 CFP and Modulo 2: 12 CFP.

A particular form of discounts is provided for participants belonging to the companies joining the Polo Green Home, equal to 30% on the single participation fee.

Entries must be made by completing the form (on line) from the registration card.

For more information you can consult the Poster of the course.