C2Future for Horizon: all materials

C2Future for Horizon: all materials
C2Future for Horizon: all materials

Good participation in the webinar and meetings of the event organized by Green Home (15 June 2022): all materials available online

C2Future for Horizon (15 June 2022 ore 15:00) it gathered about fifty participants from numerous European countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Hungary) interested in deepening and developing collaboration opportunities around the upcoming Horizon Europe calls on the issues of energy efficiency and climate neutrality of the environment “built” (information sheet)

In the first part, after the brief opening speeches (Todor Mitov from DTI for C2Future e Giuseppe Rossi from Green HoMe), was Miriam De Angelis from AFTER, National Contact Point di Horizon per “Climate, Energy and Mobility“, to present the how to participate in Horizon Europe with particular reference to upcoming calls on these issues with a deadline in September 2022 and January 2023 (on a budget of almost 140 million euros). The information provided and the ideas deriving from the projects already financed are very interesting (presentation)

In the second part, interesting insights for cooperation have come from six speeches by companies and research groups:

  • Elena Boevska, Predistic Ltd (download)
  • Andrea Aiello, Alma srl (download)
  • Simone Colace, Wish srl (download)
  • Ruben Medina, Santos Plexgrid S.L. (download)
  • Hristo Stefanov, Smartcom AD (download)
  • Raffaele Zinno, Unical – Smart Lab (download)

The event ended with the session of incontri B2B on-line that, for the good and interested participation, it was also extended to the following day with about thirty meetings.

The event was organized as part of the European project C2Future, supported by the COSME program and aimed at promoting internationalization actions among the six cluster partners of the project (DTI – Cluster for Digital Transformation and Innovations, BG; Aclima – Cluster Association of Environmental Industries of Euskadi, ES; ICT Net - ICT Network Association, Serbia; HAMAC SEKEE – Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies, GR; Lombard Cluster Association of Mobility e Green HoMe - Innovation pole for sustainable construction).


Documentation of the event

Corporate presentations:




https://www.greenhomescarl.it/it/2020/09/03/parte-il-progetto-c2future/ https://clustercollaboration.eu/content/european-cluster-matchmaking-event-bridging-between-green-and-digital-clusters