Upcoming calls for Horizon Europe for sustainable construction

Upcoming calls for Horizon Europe for sustainable construction
Upcoming calls for Horizon Europe for sustainable construction

Quasi 140 M € in a dozen of Horizon Europe topics. Card for the C2Future for Horizon event (15 June)

The online event C2Future for Horizon (15 June hours 15:00) is a good opportunity to build collaborations for research and innovation projects thanks to quasi 140 million euros of Horizon Europe calls expiring in September 2022 and January 2023: with a seminar dell’AFTER e B2B meetings with potential European partners.

Below is a summary and attached the summary document for call / topics and the invitation to register online.

The issues of energy efficiency and climate neutrality of the “built” are faced across the board, for new and existing buildings, residential buildings and neighborhoods, infrastructures and cultural heritage, integrating:

  • digital solutions
    • smart and innovative models of prediction, monitoring, management throughout the life cycle of buildings (demand response, BACS, DSS, BIM, digital twins, big data, digital building logbooks, smart devices, active sensors, …)
    • optimization of benefits for users with attention to “privacy by design” and data protection;
    • smart readiness of buildings
  • materials
    • materials “cost-effective” high performance, multifunctional, adaptable and self-sensing
    • local products and solutions, reuse or recycle construction products, secondary raw materials
  • energy
    • energy positive home, renewables, energy saving, energy harvesting
    • micro-grids, energy storage, demand response
    • grid integration – building, interoperability,
  • social innovation
    • active involvement of users, professionals, administrations, stakeholder
    • participatory planning
    • economic and social sustainability, energy poverty
  • processes
    • Natural Based Solutions
    • entire life cycle
    • modular solutions, standard, prefabricated
    • interoperable solutions
    • additing manufacturing