Made in Sud: between tradition and innovation

Made in Sud: between tradition and innovation
Made in Sud: between tradition and innovation

21 February 2022 evento on-line Made in Sud: between tradition and innovation dedicated to the manufacturing potential of the South.

Made in Sud: between tradition and innovation is a meeting that aims to put the manufacturing potential of southern Italy under the magnifying glass, a vast territory full of traditions. Through a series of workshops some significant and priority topics will be explored in this phase of national post-pandemic recovery. The speeches of the day will aim to illustrate development prospects, opportunities for macro-regional collaborations and synergies between the world of research and business, also in a framework of implementation of new policies.

The round tables presented during the meeting will involve academics, entrepreneurs and important subjects of the Made in Italy In southern Italy, in particular:

  • Innovation in Southern Italy: the role of the various actors and the function of sector associations and clusters
    Alessia Bivona – Confindustria Sicily
    Luca Colacicco – Colacicco carpentry
    Giuseppe Iacobelli – Cluster Made in Italy
    Edward Imperial – Experimental Station for the Leather Industry
    Raffaele Vitulli – Creative Basilicata Cluster
    Moderate: Pietro Pantano – University of Calabria
  • Synergies between territories: between tradition, identity and innovation
    Fortunato Amarelli – Confindustria Cosenza / DIH Calabria
    Carmelo Frittitta – Sicily Region
    Antonella Guida – University of Basilicata
    Faust Orsomarso – Calabria Region
    Nino Scarcella – Egoitaliano
    Moderate: Viviana Trapani – University of Palermo
  • He PNRR: opportunities and challenges
    Aldo Ferrara – Unindustria Calabria
    Livan Fratini – Palermo University
    Mario Maiolo – University of Calabria
    Carlo Palmieri – Italian Fashion System
    Silvana Pezzoli – Cluster Made in Italy
    Moderate: Mauro Samplelegrini – Italian Fashion System

To participate you can register at the following link: