Encounters in the Park since 9 al 23 August

Encounters in the Park since 9 al 23 August
Encounters in the Park since 9 al 23 August

Twentieth edition of Incontri nel Parco. Dal 09 al 23 August, Nave della Sila and Torre Camigliati.

The twentieth edition of Meetings in the Park opens the 9 August with the ceremony to celebrate the thirty years than what on 8 August 1991 it was the largest refugee landing ever in Italy, with the arrival in Bari of the merchant Vlora, loaded with about twenty thousand refugees from Albania and continues from the 12 al 23 August with a rich program of meetings linked to the enhancement of the natural and cultural resources of the area.

Free admission with reservations required! Consult the program of the event.

9 August, The Nave della Sila – I 30 years since landing in Italy.
The President of the Republic of Albania spoke ILIR META, VINCENZO SCOTTI, then Minister of the Interior, ALDO MARINO, Honorary Consul of Albania in Calabria, MIRELLA BARRACCO, Naples Ninety-nine Foundation. In video GIAN ANTONIO STELLA, author of "The Horde, when we were the Albanians ", DON VINCENZO PAGLIA, the first priest to be sent to Albania, by Pope Wojtyla, after the fall of communism, in the 1991 and other distinguished personalities of the scientific-cultural-technological world.

  • 12 August, Camigliati Tower – Giovanni Barracco from Crotone to Rome. The Barracco museum, history of a collection.
    Speakers MARTA PETRUSEWICZ, University of Calabria e ORIETTA ROSSINI, archaeologist and former director of the Barracco Museum, Roma
  • 18 August, Camigliati Tower – Woods and villages. Presentation of SILAB2 , a model of local development based on a new alliance between woods and villages, between agriculture and digital, aimed at addressing the complex problems of the inland areas of Calabria and the entire country.
    Speakers GIORGIO SCARPELLI, NTT Data, MARIO MAIOLO, University of Calabria, LUIGI IAVARONE,
    I.W.T., MAURO SMITH, Naples Ninety-nine Foundation, SALVATORE SEVILLE, UOA general manager of mountain policies, forests, forestation, territorial policies, soil defense, GIUSEPPE OLIVA, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabria Green Company, FRANCESCO CRIBARI, representative of private owners.
  • 20 August, Camigliati Tower – Paths of knowledge and enhancement. Book presentation “Fortified architectures in the agricultural landscape of Calabria. Paths of knowledge and enhancement” edited by Francesca Martorano, promoted by the Italian Institute of Castles – Calabria section, co-financed by the MIC.
    Speakers DOMENICO ZERBI, President of the Italian Institute of Castles section. Calabria, FRANCESCA MARTORANO, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, PASQUALE LOPETRONE, Officer of the CS Superintendence Architect.
  • 23 August, Camigliati Tower – A Calabrian story of men and vineyards. Presentation of the book by Gianfranco Manfredi, Librandi, history of men, of vineyards, Rubbettino 2021.
    Introduce MAURIZIO BARRACCO, they intervene with the author GIANFRANCO MANFREDI, LUCIANO PIGNATARO, Wine &Food blog e NICODEMO LIBRANDI.

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