Sustainable Development University Network

Sustainable Development University Network
Sustainable Development University Network

The RUS report 2020 presents activities and good practices for sustainability in universities

The RUS, Network of Universities for Sustainable Development, represents the first Italian experience of coordination and sharing between all the universities involved in the issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The Network associates 77 universities and more than 500 active members in 7 Working groups. L’University of Calabria and l’Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, the two universities associated with Green HoMe, they are an active part of the RUS. The Network has also established forms of partnership with associations and entities that share the same principles, such asItalian Alliance for Sustainable Development – ASviS, l’AIESEC, l’UNICEF Italy, l’ANDISU, the Conference of the University Colleges of Merit – CCUM, as well as EXPO2020 Italy, il Italian Alpine Club – CAI, New Economy for All – NExT, CSR and social innovation exhibition.

The RUS report 2020 presents the results of the Working Groups on the following topics:

  • Climate changes,
  • Food,
  • Education,
  • Energy,
  • Inclusion and Social Justice,
  • Mobility,
  • Resources, Waste and Circular Economy,
  • University sustainability reporting

In this way the report highlights an interesting “catalog” from good practice tested by universities.

The report also presents an updated image of the university system with respect to sustainability issues through the results of a questionnaire administered in April 2020 to participating universities, with a stake equal to 80%.

The questionnaire is structured in 11 sections that reveal the strategic approach, organizational, operational and communication services of the universities: the principles of sustainable development, Agenda 2030 e SDGs, proxies, organizational structure, sustainability activities, students, communication channels, reporting, networks e, in the end, the specific questions of the Working Groups.


  • RUS report 2020
  • Unical contact person, Prof. Raffaele Zinno
  • Mediterranean University Referent, Prof. Stefano Aragona