Fondimpresa tender 2019

Fondimpresa tender 2019
Fondimpresa tender 2019

Fondimpresa tender for training projects for technological and digital innovation.

Fondimpresa, interprofessional fund for continuing training, published the’I notify 1/2019 to finance training plans “to support digital and/or technological product and process innovation” for employees of companies participating in the Fund.

The training plans must include the participation of at least 15 employees from one or more companies, at a territorial or sectoral level, and can be divided into classroom activities, coaching, training on the job, ecc. Training must be completed in a maximum of 12 months. Each worker can attend a minimum of 8 hours to a maximum of 100 hours of training, in one or more training actions.

Project proposals can be presented directly by participating companies or by training bodies accredited by Fondimpresa. E’ mandatory participation in the University project, Public Research Bodies or Research Organisations.

The Notice provides for the submission of applications starting from 9.00 of the 17 December 2019 until at 13.00 of the 19 maggio 2020. The allocation of the Notice for the southern regions and the islands is equal to 3.850.000,00 euro. Training plans can receive a financing from 50.000,00 a 250.000,00 euro.

Membership in the Fund is always open and does not entail additional costs for companies.

The Polo Green HoMe qualifies as a research organization and can also facilitate the identification of issues of common interest for associated companies and the construction of Training Plans which, consistently with the objective of the Notice, could concern, for example, the digitalisation of construction design and management (BIM), home automation and building automation technologies and energy saving, development and certification processes (EPD, LEED) of sustainable products for construction, ecc.