Free webinar on KNX

Free webinar on KNX
Free webinar on KNX

In the context of #KNXWEEK, Friday 5 July at ore 14.30 a free webinar on KNX will be held.

#KNWEEK concentrates a large series of webinars on the week of July 1st, in eight countries and in six languages, to promote the updating of professionals and technicians interested in KNX installation and programming.

Inside the #KNWWEEK, let's report for the next one Friday 5 July, at ore 14.30 the free webinar “The KNX standard and regulatory evolution in building automation” organized by Voltimum in collaboration with KNX Italia and KNX Professionals and held by Alessio Vannuzzi.

In the evolutionary context of rules and laws relating to construction, KNX, world standard for building automation, plays a main and important role for the realization of integrated systems (BACS) at the service of new projects e, maybe even more, for the correct redevelopment and recovery of existing buildings, all with important objectives such as efficiency, living comfort and sustainability.

For this reason, the main innovations introduced starting from will be illustrated in the webinar EPBD European Directive 2010/31 onwards and the norm IN 15232, up to the relative implementations at the Italian legislative level (DM Minimum Requirements from CAM) ed UNI EN 15232 and the figure of the System Integrator.

webinar agenda:

  • Introduction to the KNX world
  • European Legislative Context: EPBD European Directive and its evolution
  • European Standard EN 15232: automation and energy efficiency
  • Italian context
    • CAM: minimum environmental criteria and their application
    • DM “Minimum requirements” and BACS systems: Class B obligation according to UNI EN 15232
    • Certification of BACS systems: norm UNI TS 11651
  • Sustainability criteria: i protocolli LEED, WEEL, BREEAM, ITACA, ecc…
  • KNX and sustainability: the use of automation for the research of sustainability and environmental well-being
  • The figure of the System Integrator and its importance: KNX Professionals

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