Development and Monitoring

  • design and development of systems for real-time consumption monitoring, of indoor air quality with decision support for the user;
  • design and development of in-situ and on-line monitoring systems for new or existing structures for structural safety purposes;
  • design and development of advanced technologies for the control and monitoring of sewage and water systems;
  • design and development of technologies for locating users inside buildings. These activities will be developed with the support of dedicated calculation software and specialized instrumentation.
  • Complex plant monitoring.
Support Workshops
  • Urban hydraulics and hydrology laboratory (LIU) - Head of Prof. P. Piro
  • Study center for environmental monitoring and modeling (CESMMA) – Responsible Prof. G.. Mendicino
  • LASER Laboratory – Archimedes Section - Head of Prof.. S. Bova
  • Laboratory of materials for environmental and energy sustainability (MATEES) - Head of Prof.. P.Antonucci
  • ITALBACOLOR SRL LABORATORY - Head of Dr.. A.Franzese
  • Energy and environment laboratory (L.E.A.) – Responsabile Prof.ssa M.M.C. Consolata