Development of Materials

  • Creation of bio-sustainable and environmentally friendly building components such as hemp cladding panels;
  • Realization of composite materials based on functionalized lignin-cellulosic fibers, mineral fibers, organic resins;
  • Development of materials based on biomaterials from crop or processing residues and from plant species with a high lignocellulosic content;
  • Development of innovative structural materials such as self-diagnostic mortars
  • Development of equipment prototypes for the analysis of pollutants in environmental matrices.
Support Workshops
  • Materials laboratory, environment, processes, safety, energy and territory (MAPSET) - Head of Prof.. G. Giordano
  • Genesis of pollutants in the water cycle (GICA) – Responsible Prof.. E. Infusino
  • Laboratory of materials for environmental and energy sustainability (MATEES) - Head of Prof.. P.Antonucci
  • Official laboratory for testing materials and structures – Responsible Prof.. A. Santini