Plant sizing


Highly specialized consulting and design services relating to:

Air conditioning and production systems from renewable sources

  • Development of predictive models for the calculation of the thermal and electrical producibility of renewable source plants, for the simulation of microcogeneration / trigeneration systems in hybrid configuration equipped with thermal storage systems and suitable for integration in the smart-grid environment, widespread cogeneration and tri-generation, in the FPSE-mCHP . system, of Nanogrid solutions for Home application (nGfHA);
  • Support for the design of advanced accumulation and storage systems of renewable energy in the form of hydrogen for the distributed generation of electricity and for sustainable mobility;
  • Technical assessments for improving the performance of existing photovoltaic systems and the efficiency of existing systems;
  • Realization, maintenance and monitoring of complex systems.


Water systems

  • Development of predictive models for calculating the demand for drinking water, sustainable management of water resources, water networks, urban flooding, quality of water bodies and coastal hydraulics;
  • Modeling and design of black and gray water reuse plants on a building scale, modeling and design of black and gray water reuse plants at building scale, analysis and optimization of irrigation systems with different intended uses;
  • Support for the definition of a layered architectural logic model to enable smart management and monitoring of building-scale water systems.
Support Workshops
  • Urban hydraulics and hydrology laboratory (LIU) - Head of Prof. P. Piro
  • Laboratory of transport phenomena and biotechnology – Responsible Prof.. S. Curcio
  • Numerical modeling laboratory for the hydraulic protection of the territory and sustainable management of water resources (LAMPIT) - Head of Prof.. F. Macchione
  • LASER Laboratory – Archimedes Section - Head of Prof.. S. Bova
  • Energy and environment laboratory (L.E.A.) – Responsabile Prof.ssa M.M.C. Consolata