Characterization of Materials

  • Thermal characterization of small shell components, windowed and / or opaque and complex walls;
  • Characterization of environmentally friendly and bio-sustainable high-performance building components to be integrated into the building envelope;
  • characterization and experimentation on innovative materials to be used in the building envelope, such as phase change materials (PCM).
  • Characterization of composite materials through spectrometric methodologies, spectroscopic, microscopic and traditional chemical analyzes;
  • Characterization of wooden materials with ultrasonic tests;
  • Support for the structural qualification of the wood before and / or after cutting, by means of utrasonic tests.
  • Characterization of waste water and evaluation of the most suitable techniques for their reuse;
  • Characterization of construction waste according to their reuse through specific chemical-physical-bacteriological analyzes
  • Experimental tests in the laboratory or in-situ on wood and on components and structures in wood and wood / masonry;
  • Characterization and analysis of pollutants in environmental matrices;
  • Characterization and analysis of solid waste and landfill leachate.
Support Workshops
  • Laboratorio Smart-Lab – Responsible Prof.. R. Zinno
  • Materials and structures testing laboratory - Head of Prof.. L. Shadows
  • Genesis of pollutants in the water cycle (GICA) – Responsible Prof.. E. Infusino
  • Environmental Health Engineering (ISA) - Head of Prof.. A. SICILIAN
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory, of Materials and Processes for Industry, the environment and cultural heritage (CF- INABEC) – Responsible Prof.. G. It is a sin
  • LASER Laboratory – Archimedes Section - Head of Prof.. S. Bova
  • BUILDING FUTURE LAB-BFL - Responsible prof. Trumpet
  • Laboratory of materials for environmental and energy sustainability (MATEES) - Head of Prof.. P.Antonucci
  • Official laboratory for testing materials and structures – Responsible Prof.. A. Santini