Green HoMe scarl is the Managing Body of the Pole of Innovation for Sustainable Building. The founding members include five small and medium-sized companies that operate in different value chains on regional and national markets, fostering a model of innovation hub driven by the entrepreneurial "demand". Green HoMe also integrates the competences and infrastructures of the Calabrian public research system, with a full involvment of the University of Calabria (Rende, CS) and the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.

The University of Calabria has always been active at a regional, national and international level in the realization of research projects of high competitiveness. The thematic areas mainly concern structural safety, energy-saving technologies, identification of low-impact infrastructure techniques, study of new materials that are competitive from the point of view of sustainability, study for redevelopment of existing buildings.

The Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria combines its commitment in research and teaching with courses oriented to the territory, giving life to a Polytechnic of the environment with a marked propensity to the themes of landscape, urban planning and the green economy. The Mediterranean University has also undertaken (basic and applied) research activities which deal predominantly with the relationship between design, recovery, completion of the existing evironment -antropized and natural- of the geographical area of the Mediterranean. Through its Laboratories, the Mediterranean University offers performance assessment and diagnosis services for the ecological and eco-efficient characterization of materials, energy efficiency of building systems, seismic behavior of non-structural elements, considered according to the Life Cycle and evaluated through assisted environmental accounting procedures of the flows of materials and resources used.

Italbacolor Srl is a leading Calabrian company in aluminum processing and in particular in surface treatments of anodic oxidation, electro-coloring painting on aluminum profiles, transforming and marketing aluminum systems for architecture and construction. Currently the company Italbacolor srl is strongly active both in the Italian market and in the foreign market.

Italcanapa development Srls - Bracciano, RM

It is a company founded in August 2017 from the experience of its founders in the field of hemp production and marketing with the aim of promoting the hemp supply chain in the regional and national territorial context. Its mission is to support and transfer to the affected agricultural companies all the know-how necessary to undertake the cultivation of hemp and to promote the growth of this new market. The company in particular is able to organize throughout the national territory points of transformation of the raw material according to the destination of use; in fact it has drying ovens, screens and shredders.

IWT-Iavarone Wood Technology Srl is an innovative startup active in the field of bioeconomy, understood as an economy that uses renewable natural resources for the production of goods and services. The activism of this entrepreneurial reality is manifested in various initiatives of the regional and national context based on the bioeconomy, adhering to groups with which global visions and objectives are shared, such as SPRING Cluster and AFI Italian Forestry Association. The main products developed by IWT-Iavarone Wood Technology are elements of great design and luxury furnishings sold in the global market and made using wood as a raw material.

Solaretika Group Srl was founded in 2012, from the merger of two companies operating in the plant engineering and alternative energy sectors, with the aim of favoring the development of innovative solutions in the civil and plant engineering sector, with the aim of optimizing energy performance and consequently reducing the user operating costs. Solaretika Group operates in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, biomass and hydroelectric), electrical and thermo-hydraulic installations, renovations and construction of prefabricated wooden buildings, with a view to green building and bio-architecture, integrating the technical and executive skills achieved . It is also strongly active in the design, production and marketing of electrical and thermal energy systems through the use of renewable energy sources, in the construction of smart and high-tech home automation systems for energy efficiency and reduction. of resource consumption. As regards bio-architecture in particular, the company boasts a vast technical and cultural background. Its objective is in fact the promotion and diffusion of building systems with a good standard of living, low energy consumption and high thermal comfort, all with an excellent value for money.

Vega Energia Srl - Rende (CS) - is a young and dynamic company, born to exploit the experience and professionalism of its components, designed to meet the needs of every type of customer. It works in the sectors of renewable energy, and electrical and thermotechnical plant engineering. The lean organization, the high professionalism and expertise of the workers, the quality of the materials, the care in the installation phases, the constant attention to the customer's needs and the strict compliance with the industry standards, have meant that the company has become a solid entrepreneurial reality for the territory. The company offers its customers a complete service of consulting, design, installation, construction supervision and testing of traditional technological plants and renewable energy systems, integrated for energy saving.