Sector 4 - Development of techniques and use of Calabrian wood certified for structural purposes

Why valorize the Calabrese wood?

The wood use in construction sector is having a great interest in the public and private sector with a structural and non-structural function.

However the raw material of local origin is still strongly underused today.

An important resource in Calabria is represented by Pino Laricio, for which a know-how on its classification and industrial use has never been developed.

Currently it is marginally destined to minor uses such as packaging, low quality boards and even firewood.

Objectives of the Green HoMe Pole

Valorisation of local wooden material, encouraging the production of products and components to be used in construction such as lamellar wood or mixed structures between wood and other by-products and / or waste.

Certification of Calabrian wooden resources. The low utilization of the Calabrian resources, Pino Laricio in the first place, has an immediate consequence related to the forest non-cultivation. To valuorize these resources, in addition to the increase in the workforce, would also have an important impact, in terms of employment on the work required for timber harvesting, transportation and timber assortment.

Supply Chain and Scientific Referrals
Supply Chain Referent

  • Prof. Raffaele Zinno - Department of Environment and Chemical Engineering (DIATIC), University of Calabria

  • Scientific Referrals

  • Prof. Mario MAIOLO - Department of Environment and Chemical Engineering (DIATIC), University of Calabria
  • Prof. Natale ARCURI - Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering (DIMEG), University of Calabria
  • Prof. Patrizia PIRO - Department of Civil Engineering, (DINCI) University of Calabria
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