Supply chain 3 - Recovery of building waste from demolition and restructuring

Why valorize the building waste?

disciplinary the use of construction waste it is a need now widely shared on an international scale, given also the stringent regulations that require a renewed management.

In a context such as Calabria in which the building activity proliferates, the need to rationalize the production of waste treatment deriving from the construction activity is a priority.

The waste recovery from demolition and restructuring, has undoubted advantages:

Qualitative advantages
  • Safeguarding territory;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Safeguarding human health.
Quantitative advantages
  • Lower disposal costs at recycling facilities;
  • Lower procurement costs of recovered / recycled materials
Objectives of the Green HoMe Pole

The Polo intends to promote an alternative form of recovery and recycling of demolition waste by the beach nourishment, widely distributed in recent years.

For the current situation of the Italian coasts, in fact, this solution has to be considered a priority compared to other recovery alternatives, because the sediments can constitute a primary resource within the framework of the coastal sedimentary balance.

Supply Chain and Scientific Referrals
Supply Chain Referent

  • Prof. Mario MAIOLO - Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Ambiente(DIAm), Università della Calabria

  • Scientific Referrals

  • Prof.ssa Manuela Carini - Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Ambiente (DIAm), Università della Calabria
  • Prof. Patrizia PIRO - Department of Civil Engineering, (DINCI) University of Calabria
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